Fairbanks Curling Club offers curling instruction to kids as young as 5 years old. Little Rockers is a Saturday morning program for the youngest Curlers,

10 a.m. to noon. Saturday morning short games are generally played to half-way houses. Weekly emphasis is given to skill building, to develop good stretching regiment, slide, release and sweeping techniques. Smaller 22 lb stones are available, but the kids most often use the 42 lb adult stones.

Drop-ins are welcome. After a trial period a fee of $40 per year or $20 for half-season will be collected. Parent participation is expected 25% of the time. This is an all volunteer effort: volunteers are required for on-ice and off-ice support.

For safety it is encouraged that first time curlers ages 5 & 6 be accompanied on ice by an adult for their initial learning. Those chaperoning adults are welcome to participate, but mostly are required to repeat instructions to the kids.

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