Bowen wins Rookie Spiel



For 25 years the Fairbanks Curling Club’s Rookie Spiel has introduced non-curlers to the Olympic Sport of Curling.  This year’s event attracted 30 teams.  Participants ranged in age from 11 to 66, there were 85 rookies.  That’s 120 people throwing 100 tons of granite, but 42 pounds at a time…


The Rookie Spiel is a two day event requiring each team to have at least two rookies.  Those Rookies were first year curlers, non-curlers or former curlers.  All participants received commemorative t-shirts compliments of  Barrow Curling Club.  


The winning team completing the weekend undefeated was Terra Bowen, first year curler Jessica Johnson, Josh Duhaime, with lead Brett Lystad.  They beat the previously undefeated rink of Terri McFarland, Lynda Sather, Rolf Mayer and John Perreault.  


Winners of the second event was a team lead by skip Jamison Johnson, with teammates Jonathan Andrews, Heidi Young, Chris Hagen,  and Eric Johnson.  Second in the “B” was JT Tourila, Ellie Richter, Ben Saurdiff and Abe Ragar.


The third event winners played a tiring six games, four on Sunday afternoon.  That persistent team was the all-rookie team led by Tenny Vongtip, with Ryan Daniels, Alton Huckaby and Robert Leatherbee.  Vongtip beat the Matt Evenson rink who played rookies Andy Gryska, John Chythlook and Andy Padilla.


It was a fun weekend, with many rookies gaining a better understanding of the complexities of the Scottish sport of Curling and its 105-year history in Fairbanks.  

Submitted by: cp