Fall draw will begin Monday October 8

As most of you are aware, we are delayed getting the ice put in due to a compressor breakdown.  A new compressor has been installed and the ice will be ready for curling within the next 2 or 3 days.

We will start the fall draw on Monday October 8.

There may be ice available to practice on this weekend, but the exact date/time is uncertain at this point.  Watch the website for updates on when the ice will be available for practice.

Draw sheets will be posted downstairs on the bulletin board by Saturday October 6.

If you haven't registered or signed up for a league yet, please drop by the curling club and fill out a registration form and draw sheet (these are available on the club's website) and deposit it in the mailbox located downstairs on the wall near the drinking fountain.  If you have any questions concerning the draw or registration, you can reply to me or you can contact Ethan Birkholz fielding@gci.net .  The sooner you can do this, the easier Ethan's job is!

Submitted by: Matt Evenson