Instruction Clinics

The weekend of 10 - 12 October will provide a unique and rare chance for all of us to improve our skills. The FCC will be hosting two USCA Certified instructors (bios attached) who will provide training and certification courses to all our members (from beginners to advanced) who desire to improve their knowledge and their game.

This instruction falls in line with the new USCA training plan being implemented throughout the United States.

On Friday night, the USCA instructors will conduct two sessions of "First Contact" training. This training is free and is intended to enable us to teach our members the proper procedures and terminologies so that we can bring new curlers on the ice and all speak the same language.

On Saturday the 11th, the instructors will conduct Level 1 certification training (from 8AM to 4PM) and a beginners clinic (at 1200).

The Level 1 course will cost $20. Level I Instructors work mainly within their own club, helping beginners learn the game and novices to improve basic skills using delivery techniques identified as best practices by USA Curling. They serve as a Lead Instructor at open houses or other public events, supervising volunteer instructors and ensuring that they are giving delivery instruction that is consistent with USA Curling standard practices. Although I realize most of you do this already this is a chance to get the latest strategy and training techniques being used by the USCA.

The beginners clinic on Saturday is intended for all new curlers who would like to learn the game and understand basic strategy and delivery.

On Sunday the 12th, there will be a Level 2 course, which will cost $40, and is designed for advanced curlers who would like to be a certified instructor or just learn more in-depth strategies and techniques. A Level II Instructor has two main purposes: to work with intermediate and advanced curlers to improve their performance, and to train aspiring Level I and Level II Instructors. Also, in the future, all formal coaches will be required to be USCA Level 2 certified.

Also, on Sunday the 12th there will be free youth clinics designed for various skill levels. Please check out the board at the club and sign up, as times for this event may vary depending on skill level.

If you have further questions you can contact Dave Flippo at the club, via email bmdx2@yahoo.com or phone 374-7995.

Submitted by: Dave Flippo