Little Rocker and Junior Rocker Coordinators needed.

A big thank-you goes to Dale Springer and Tom Mackin for helping out with Little Rocker curling on Saturdays. However, they can only continue their support for the Fall Draw. We desperately need coordinators for the Spring Draw to see that this very important program continues. Little Rockers and Junior Rockers are the future of this club and if we don’t encourage them to excel and advance, then we are hurting the future of the club and the sport of curling. Please contact any board member about your ideas and desires to help maintain this vital program.


We’re an all-volunteer club, so please help clean up…..

The Fairbanks Curling Club does have a volunteer group that comes in twice a week to clean up the club. This group, coordinated by Rocky Janiro, is requesting that all club members pitch in and help keep their club clean by bussing your own tables and picking up after yourselves in general. If you would like to volunteer on a regular basis to help in any way, please contact Rocky at 455-6862.