Youth Program

The Fairbanks Curling Club offers a progressive youth program for youth ages 5-21, with a focus on fun, age appropriate curling activities and skill building, sportsmanship, and also the ability to progress and compete successfully at the national level, if a child so desires.

Youth League
Mondays 5-6 pm
Cost : $ 80 for the season
( October 2015 — March 2016 or
$40/45 Fall/Spring
, late entrants welcome )

Practice :
Saturday , 10 am - noon - Big Rockers
Saturday 10 : 30 am - noon - Little Rockers
Saturday 11 am - noon - Ice Chips
$40/Season (Oct-Mar) or
$20/$25 Fall/Spring

For more info Contact Catharine Persinger catharine@fra-alaska.net

Ice Chips Pre-K - First Grade
Little Rockers Grades 1-3
Big Rockers Grades 3-6
Juniors Grades 7-12

Program Division Descriptions
Ice Chips – The starting point for the youngest curlers in the FCC family. Age appropriate games, snack and off-ice activities are a part of each Ice Chips session. Regular on-ice parental/guardian participation is required.

Little Rockers – Youth at this level still use the little rocks, but are beginning to develop proper curling skills. Sessions will stress on ice safety, skill development and fun. There will be an off-ice break for snacks during the session.
Big Rockers – As a child develops skills and ages, they can move to Big Rockers, where regulation sized rocks are used. This level will also introduce more advanced curling concepts, such as the difference in each team position and strategy. This level has two on-ice instruction sessions.

Juniors – This program encompasses both the social/recreational junior curler, as well as those interested in curling in competitive forums. Juniors will have the opportunity for on-ice practice sessions, and are also encouraged to participate in the junior league, or other league, for additional ice time. Juniors are also eligible for the Olympic development program, which afford the opportunity for curling in more advanced forums, up to and including national competition.

  • Thursday, November 6 – Sunday, November 9 – Yukon Title Curling Classic at the Fairbanks Curling Club.  This is an opportunity to view the best curling Fairbanks has to offer.  If any parents or kids (particularly our Big Rockers) are interested in an off-ice session on the game and strategy, or just getting to know the game better, we can set up an hour session after the draw comes out.  Please let me know if you, or your children, are interested. 
  • Saturday, November 15 – Curl with a parent.  During the second half of our Saturday session, parents are invited to get on the ice with their kids.  If the parent doesn’t curl, it’s a great opportunity to let the kids show and instruct on what they’ve learned.  We’ll also start gathering interested parties for the…
  • Weekend of November 29 – Rookie Spiel!  For youth program participants that can throw the full sheet (Big Rockers), and/or their parents (current curlers or not), this is a great first spiel.  Teams are composed of rookie and more experienced curlers and is a wonderful way to get some additional instruction, games, and ice time, and most importantly, have some fun!
  • Saturday, December 6 – Curl with a friend.  Youth program participants are encouraged to bring a friend.
  • Saturday, December 13 – Youth Program Christmas Party