2022 Army/Air Force Spiel

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Oct 15 2022 09:00 AM Oct 15 2022 12:00 PM
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Army vs Air Force Spiel


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  • 2 Games (4 ends each) for all participants - max of 6 teams from each service
  • Teams score 1 point for their service with a win
  • 1 player from each team will compete in a skills competition to win additional points
  • The service with the most points after the second game is the Champion
  • Cost: $25 per person


0800-0900  Learn to Curl  (if you have never curled)

0900-0930    Opening Ceremony and team assignments

0930-1030    Teams play a four end game

1030-1100     Skills competition

1100-1200     Teams play a four end game

1200                Awards presentation


The skills competition will take place in between the two games.


One player from each Army team and one player from each Air Force team will compete in two events (6 Army vs 6 AF).  Each team will select their own representative.

The service with the highest total score in the skills competition will get an additional 2 points toward the overall championship points total.


Each competitor in the skills competition will compete in the following:


Take out challenge:


A rock will be place on the button and the competitor will attempt to remove it and keep their rock(shooter) in the house.

  • 3 points for removing the rock and keeping their rock in the house
  • 2 points for removing the rock but not keeping the shooter in the house
  • 1 point for moving the rock but not removing
  • 0 points for missing the rock


Draw to the button challenge:


Each competitor will attempt to put a rock on the button

  • 3 points for inside or touching the 4 foot circle
  • 2 points for inside or touching the 8 foot circle
  • 1 point for in the house
  • 0 points for outside the house

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