2023 5U Bonspiel and National Championship Qualifier

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Feb 10 2023 04:00 PM Feb 12 2023 05:00 PM
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  • The Fairbanks 5-and-Under bonspiel is a Tier1 qualifier for the 2023 5-and-Under National Championship.  It is also a USWCA West B Region sponsored event.
  • Entry Fee $320.
  • Open format event. All players must meet the 5 and Under eligibility requirements outlined by the USA Curling Association.
  • 3 game guarantee.
  • Register as a complete team.
  • Every participant must be 21 years of age and have 5 or less years of curling experience.
  • All players must be verified as having 5 or less years of curling experience.
  • Each team must complete the "5 and Under Eligibility Form" (Link Below).




Team Name

Home Club







HejnaFairbanksDavid HejnaTBDStevie MartinCurtis Jensen 


The Texas HeatDFW Curling ClubHeather CookSeth HallKenny CookPierce Moore 


MillerFairbanksAndy MillerTed WestfallKelly HearnRhys Hearn 


Stone SkippersFairbanksKristen FreiburgerBridie BassettRodney GuritzRob PattersonBrent Freiburger


House HuntersFairbanksTony HaybaRachel Hayes-JantzAlicia HaybaDena Smith 


PeachRocketsPeachtree Curling AssociationJosh NewbornDavid TutwilerVictoria TutwilerTracy Dabbs 


























The USWCA Rules are the Governing RULES for all USWCA Sanctioned events. All games shall be played under the current USCA Rules of Play with USWCA exceptions. (The hostess club shall not make any changes, additions, or deletions to the USCA Rules of Play, nor to these Regulations.)


I. Bonspiel Site: Clubs in each of the four USWCA regions; East, Central, Wisconsin, and West, should annually rotate hosting 5 & Under Open and/or Women’s Bonspiels.

A. Each region may hold one or more bonspiels, if sites are found. One bonspiel is the Five and Under Women’s Challenge and the other is the Five and Under Open Bonspiel.

B. Host clubs in all four areas must be members of the USWCA.

C. Bonspiels are open to any club within a USWCA region. Teams from other regions can participate in any event if there are openings and if they had conflicts with the date or location in their own region.


II. Eligibility:
A. Any curler with five (5) years or less total experience is eligible to participate.
B. Years spent as junior curlers or persons who have not curled for a number of years

and then returned to curling must include their previous curling experiences as part of the 5 years. Ten (10) games in one season will constitute one year of curling.

C. Curlers do NOT need to belong to the USWCA to participate.

D. Composite teams, from different clubs and/or different areas, are acceptable as long as the eligibility forms are signed by a club officer or USWCA Representative from each of their various clubs.

E. Individuals may also register to participate and must submit a signed Eligibility Form. 

F. Participation by eligible juniors is encouraged, but is at the discretion of the host club. (Conflicts with USCA Rules requiring participants to be 21 years or older)


III. Procedure:
A. Each skip must submit a signed Eligibility Form when the rink registers verifying that

each member of the team has, in fact, curled five years or less. The form must be signed by a club officer.

B. If a substitute is required to complete a team, a qualified substitute shall be at the discretion of the Region Bonspiel Chairperson.

C. Any substitution to a team, prior to a bonspiel, must be accompanied by a signed eligibility form.

D. Eligibility forms may be obtained from the host club or downloaded from the USWCA website.
E. Region Bonspiel Chairpersons should be encouraged to maintain flexibility in order to accommodate all eligible participants.

F. Coaching at this event must be limited. If a team is traveling with a coach, any coaching should take place away from the curling club.

G. Bonspiels can hold up to four events to allow as many teams in the competition as their clubs can accommodate.


IV. Regulation of Play:
A. At the start of the competition, every team should be composed of four (4) eligible curlers according to the 5 & Under eligibility guidelines described above.
B. A team shall start all games with four (4) players, unless substitutes are unavailable. 

C. Each team is guaranteed three (3) games.
D. All games, including the finals, should be eight (8) ends.
E. When a game is tied after eight (8) ends, an extra end is required.
F. No change in the order of play may be made during an event unless a substitute is necessary. The order of play may be changed upon entering a new event.
G. Substitutions:

1. If at any time, after registration, a substitute is required to complete a team, the substitute may be provided by the home club of the team involved, time permitting, or by the host club. Only one substitute is allowed on a team during a game.

2. When, during a game, a player is unable to continue because of illness, accident, or any other valid reason, the team may either finish that game with the remaining three players (the first two players throwing three stones each) or bring in a qualified substitute for the remainder of the game. The substitute must play in the position of the replaced player, when entering a game in progress.
3. If a substitute was selected, the player who left the game may rejoin the team for the next game. If a substitute wasn’t selected, the player may return to the game in progress.

H. A team shall not play, under any circumstances, with less than three players.

I. No Media shall interfere with any games on the ice. This coverage shall take place before or after a game with the Bonspiel Chairperson’s permission.


Revised 10/20/19