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  • Welcome to the Fairbanks Curling Club

    Welcome to the Fairbanks Curling Club

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    Open to the Public!

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2017 Spring Membership & League Sign-up

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FINAL_LOGO_FOR_CLUBS.jpgThe Fairbanks Curling Club is thrilled to invite curlers to Alaska for 2017 Club Nationals!  Twenty lucky teams will make their way up to Fairbanks for a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will include world-class curling! 

What is it like in Fairbanks in March?  For starters, yes, it will still be cold.  It will likely be in the 20s for highs and around 0 for the lows.  Of course, that’s if it’s a warm year!  Daylight will be what most people are used to in the Lower 48, with sunrise in the 7 am hour and sunset in the 6 pm hour.  While in Fairbanks, what is there to do?  The folks in Fairbanks are planning some side excursions for you to soak in the healing waters of the Chena Hot Springs, view the Aurora Borealis, and to go dog mushing!  All this and curling?  Fairbanks is practically heaven. 

Club Nationals 2017 is March 4-11, with practice scheduled on Friday, March 3.  Come on up a day early, and participate in these Fairbanks excursions before curling in the USA’s northernmost Curling Club.  Hurry hard to earn your spot!


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