Donations are recognized on an accumulated basis from 1991 to the current year. United Way donors are also recognized if authorization was received.

Original Founders in 1991 $5000
E. M. Cox, Margaret Cox, Joe and Dolores Jackovich, Norm MacPhee, Kenneth A. Murray,
Louise Severance, Paul Stutzmann, Dave Swanson

Eight Ender $5000
Robert Bettisworth, Corky Corkran, Earl Crass, Ted Cox, Fairbanks Curling Lions (8), Denis & Pat Fox, Foundation annual dinners, Estate of Howard Mackey (31), Estate of Phelpsie Sirlin, Estate of Frank Severance (29), Estate of Paul Stutzmann (2), Bill & Cindi Gryder, GVEA match, Lenny & Michele Johnson, Peter & Denise Lundquist, Memory of Jean Cox, Memory of Denis Fox (2), Memory of Paul Misterek, Memory of Carl Ledbetter, Memory of Chet Vanderbilt, Paul Misterek, Rex and Moira Nutter, The William Cindy Peskoff Charitable Fund, Harold Samuelson, Louise Severance, Wm Stroecker Foundation (15), Paul Stutzmann, Marion Weeks Foundation (4), United Way Anonymous, Chet & Claire Vanderbilt, Greg & Barbara Wyman

Benefactor $1000-$4999
Alyeska match, Chuck & Carol & Angela Bean, Adie Callahan, Mark & Susan Carothers, Pat & Glen Franklin, GVEA match, Gayle & Lee Hazen, Dave & Joanne Hufman, Alaska Linck, Grant McCoy, Memory of Gary Birklid, Memory of Wally & Ann Cathcart, Memory of Dave Swanson, Dave & Roberta Miller, Ron Miller, Mary Mitchell, John & Kathy Nussbaumer, Jason and Jen Ostnes, Ralph & Ouida Paden, Lance & Karen Parrish, Allen & Janelle Persinger, Ken & Cathy Persinger, Bill & Jane Pryor, Leland & Margaret Rich, Gerry & Sandy Richards, Danny and Paula Robinette, Steve & Debbie Sather, Steve and Cathy Shuttleworth, Phelpsie Sirlin, William Stroecker, Arnold Tornell, Walsh Kelliher & Sharp in honor of Ted Cox, Don & Millie Wheat, Jack & Charlotte Wilbur

Patron $500-$999
Patricia Bergdahl, Larry & Anne Burke, Ruth & Wally Burnett, Cole Carson, Ed & Alta Clark, Jim & Diane Fulford, Alice King, Memory of Earl Crass, Memory of Nadine Draper, Matt Evenson, Martha Hanlon and Jeanette Smith, Memory of Joe & Dolores Jackovich, Memory of Corky Corkran, Memory of Ed Krivak, Memory of Leonard Pilcher, Michael and Terri McFarland, Ken H. & Nancy Murray, Greg and Catharine Persinger, LeRoy & Barbara Rich, Bill and Betsy Robertson, Per & Lynda Sather, Julie Shalvoy, Jeff & Karen Spaleta, Jan & Dan Sorenson, Wilma Schikora, Lisa Stevenson, Williams Alaska Petroleum

Sustaining $100-$499
Jack & Connie Burnett, Canoy Family, Larry Crouder, Hal & Nadyne Draper, Dolores Dodson, Jim and Kathi Dodson, Marge Eagan, Larry Ehnert, Merrill Hakala, Janet Gillam, Charlie Green, Bill & Connie Kind, Doug & Karen Laird, Mapco Alaska Petroleum, Jim McCord, Claudia Koch & Dave Goodard, Jeannine Graves, Charlie Green, Bob & Betty Hufman, Doris Loennig, MAPCO Alaska Petroleum match, Memory of Bill Birklid Sr., Memory of Janet Gillam, Memory of Phil Jones, Memory of Roger Moore, Memory of Ken A. Murray, Memory of Ralph Paden, Memory of Harold Samuelson, Memory of Wilma Schikora, Memory of Louise Severance, Gordon Moe, John & Mary Ann Nickles, Bert & Betsy Sharp, Bev Shuttleworth, Olga Steger, Elmer & Toni Stone, Denny Thies, Michelle Thompson, June Thomson, Al & Helen Vacura

Family $50-$99
Glen & Ellen Cruse, Joe & Evelyn Franich, B.J. Henson, Sharon Herman, Paul & Gina Hufman, Margie MacFarland, Harvey Marlin, Dick Morris, Janice Noll, Jon Sandberg, Betty Waldhaus, Jim & Judy Worley

Donors from years when amounts were not available from United Way
Bill Birklid, Sharon Burris, Design Alaska match, Tracy Johnson, Sue Sandberg.

The Board also wishes to thank over twenty persons who over the years have not checked the box for United Way to release their contribution or identity

Please accept our apologies for misspelled names. Information submitted to the best of our ability.

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