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January Volunteer Winners:

Ivar Halvarson (helps with building projects) - $10 Firehouse Sub g.c.

Denny Thies (LTC volunteer, organizer for Senior event) – FCC gym bag

Randy Choiniere (organizer of Army/Air Force Spiel) - $10 Firehouse Sub g.c.

Jessica Johnson (LTC Volunteer & Youth Program Volunteer) – FCC gym bag


December Volunteer Winners:

Edison Ruland (Learn to Curl Volunteer) – FCC Water Bottle

Jeanie Jacobs (Helps in the office & with LTCs) - $10 Firehouse g.c.

Chaz Rudig (Ice crew & LTC volunteer) - $10 Firehouse g.c.

Jerry Zellmer (helps with building projects) – FCC gym bag


November Volunteer Winners:

Ellie Richter (Edgar Alan Glo Spiel Volunteer) curling socks

Atticus Wallace (Rookie Spiel Volunteer) Hoo Doo Hat

Ethan Birkholz (ice crew volunteer) Lynden First Aid Kit

Parrish Moses (Edgar Alan Glo Spiel Volunteer) Curl to Win Book


October Volunteer Winners:

Josh Jones (Ice crew volunteer) $10 Firehouse Sub g.c.

Rebecca Missler (LTC volunteer)$10 Firehouse Sub g.c.

Bill Gryder (Youth Program volunteer) $10 Firehouse Sub g.c.

Karen Milne (LTC volunteer & Youth Program Volunteer - FCC t-shirt

Jeff Stahl (LTC Volunteer) – Bumper Sticker & FCC Pin


September Volunteer Winners:

Karen Spaleta (LTCs and web site volunteer) $10 Starbucks g.c.

Wendy Cloyd (LTC volunteer) $10 Starbucks g.c.

David McDowell (LTC volunteer & Ice Crew) Bumper sticker & FCC Pin

Cindy Walker (LTC Volunteer) $10 Starbucks g.c.

Courtney Miklos (LTC Volunteer) Bumper sticker & FCC Pin 



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