How to Introduce Curling to a Friend


Members can instruct up to three guests at a time. Additionally the club has certified curling instructors, contact the club manager for the current list to see who might be available.

  1. Make sure guests have signed a liability form, they're usually on one of the bulletin boards downstairs. Ice is slippery!
  2. Do some dynamic stretching to warm up.
  3. Demonstrate and practice:
    • The slide layout position off the ice
    • The slide layout position on the ice against the boards while balanced on a slider
    • Lining up in the hack
    • Sliding out with two stones, not letting go.
    • Sliding out with a stabilizer and one stone.
    • Now let go of the stone.
    • Adding curl with the handle rotation by gently throwing stones across the width of a sheet of ice.
    • Add handle to the delivery.
    • Add line to the delivery.
  4. Sweeping!
    • Practice sweeping the length of the ice, keeping a low body position.
    • Throw a rock, and have them walk along with the rock keeping pace, no sweeping.
    • Throw a rock and have them start sweeping when they feel comfortable.

Be sure to sweep the ice and turn off the lights when you're done.

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