• Adult Membership:  $130
  • UAF Student Membership: $125 (w/full-time enrollment, under age 25)
  • Junior Curler Membership: $65 (ages 14-21)
  • Youth Curler Membership: $60 (13 and under)
  • Social Membership:  $50 (Former Curlers and other supporters of the Fairbanks Curling Club) 

*Please note League Fees are separate.  

ICE FEES - incurred when you sign up for league

  • Adult Curler (Fall and Spring Draw ~5% discount): $310
    • Adult Curler Fall Draw Only: $160
    • Adult Curler Spring Draw Only: $165
  • New Curler (Fall and Spring Draw ~5% discount): $235
    • New Curler Fall Draw Only: $120
    • New Curler Spring Draw Only: $125
  • UAF Student (Fall and Spring Draw ~5% discount): $155
    • UAF Student Fall Draw Only: $80
    • UAF Student Spring Draw Only: $85
  • Junior Curler (Fall and Spring Draw ~5% discount): $155
    • Junior Curler Fall Draw Only: $80
    • Junior Curler Spring Draw Only: $85
  • Youth Curler (Fall and Spring Draw ~5% discount): $80
    • Youth Curler Fall Draw Only: $40
    • Youth Curler Spring Draw Only: $45


  • Special League Fees
    • Monday Competitive Doubles (Returned as prize money): $25
    • Tuesday Competitive Fee (Returned as prize money): $25
    • Wednesday Dinner Fee (Pays for dinner): $95
  • Instruction Fees
    • Junior Instruction Fee (Monday Practice): $100
      • Junior Instruction Fee Fall Draw Only: $50
      • Junior Instruction Fee Spring Draw Only: $55
    • Youth Instruction Fee (Fall and Spring Draw ~5% discount): $40
      • Youth Curler Fall Draw Only: $20
      • Youth Curler Spring Draw Only: $25


  • Annual Locker Fee: $40
  • Fall Late Fees After November 1: $50
  • Spring Late Fees After February 1: $50


  • Dues: Membership is membership, we have several different levels based on demographics. We also have a social membership for those folks who want to support the club but do not curl.
  • Ice fees: Ice fees are paid to use the ice in an organized league. One ice fee and you can play in as many leagues as you want. Some leagues incur additional costs, such as the dinner leagues or the competitive league, and thus there is an additional fee to sign up for those leagues.
  • Instruction fees: Instruction fees are fees for the ice time we set aside for instruction with coaches. Similar to league fees, you pay once and can practice with a coach during any of our scheduled times.


  • Access to the ice when not otherwise in use
  • Ability to bring up to three (3) non-members on the ice when the ice is not otherwise in use (see the section on “How to Introduce Curling to a Friend.”)
  • Reduced facility rental rates
  • USCA membership
  • USWCA membership
  • Membership to the Alaska State Curling Association
  • USCA Curling News publications
  • Ability to compete in USCA and ASCA-sanctioned events and playdowns


The Fairbanks Curling Club is a volunteer club that relies on your participation and volunteerism. If you see something that needs to be done, do it! Please pick up after yourself, bus your own tables and help keep the ice keen to keep our club welcoming for visitors. If you have an interest in volunteering in instruction, ice crew, youth/junior program, events, night manager, website, maintenance and painting, construction projects, summer flowers and winter snow,  or anything else, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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