Considering Curling?

Tour the facility, make new friends and watch live games in progress. There is NO AGE LIMIT on curling - curlers range in age from 5 to 85.

The curling season starts the first of October and goes through the first week of April.

The Fairbanks Curling Club is a non-profit volunteer organization that provides recreational opportunities for all curlers. Dedicated to the promotion and the coordination of the sport of curling to provide fun, fellowship and family activities within the Fairbanks Community. 

Selecting the image to the left will download a curling video. It is a 30MB file requiring Quicktime player.

Curling Clinic World renowned Bill Tschirhart is coming to Fairbanks October 24-26 -full article-

The September Bear Facts is available Click Here for your copy -full article-

Board Minutes April-July
Catch up on what the board is up to Click on below to read Board Minutes April Minutes -full article-

Let's Cook with Paul is now available for purchase... Informational Broch -full article-

We have added a new photo gallery to the website. We will be adding more photos as we go. Send anything you want to add, or caption changes to -full article-

Archived News


8Board Meeting
19Jr Garage Sale
20Jr Garage Sale
26Open House
27Ice Instruction

2Competitive League Start
4Wedding Reception - Green
6Start of Fall Draw
11Lady Curlers "Buddy Spiel"
12Lady Curlers "Buddy Spiel"
18Face Off Tailgate Party
19Birthday Party Rental
25Bill Tschirihart Training
26Bill Tschirihart Training

1Ice closed for flooding
2Ice closed for flooding
6Yukon Title Cash Spiel
7Yukon Title Cash Spiel
8Yukon Title Cash Spiel
UAF Face off Club
9Yukon Title Cash Spiel
10Board Meeting - 5:30pm Club office
15Foundation Dinner
22Mixed Doubles Spiel
29Rookie Spiel
30Rookie Spiel

3New Curler League
10New Curler League
13Alaska Jr. Playdown
Aggressor's Holiday Party
14Alaska Jr. Playdown
17New Curler League
19End of Fall Draw
20Ice closed for flooding
21Ice closed for flooding
25Merry Christmas
26Margaretta Spiel

5Spring Draw begins
10Tune-up Cash Spiel
11Tune-up Cash Spiel
16Alaska Club National Playdowns
17Alaska Club National Playdowns
18Alaska Club National Playdowns
24Ice closed for flooding
25Ice closed for flooding

7uskh party
14Northern Spiel
15Northern Spiel
21Cash Raffle Dinner

7Ice closed for flooding
8Ice closed for flooding
Ice closed for flooding
21Lady Curlers "All American Spiel"
22Lady Curlers "All American Spiel"
27End of Spring Draw
31General Membership Meeting

2International Bonspiel
3International Bonspiel
4International Bonspiel
5International Bonspiel