Considering Curling?

Tour the facility, make new friends and watch live games in progress. There is NO AGE LIMIT on curling - curlers range in age from 5 to 85.

The curling season starts the first of October and goes through the first week of April.

The Fairbanks Curling Club is a non-profit volunteer organization that provides recreational opportunities for all curlers. Dedicated to the promotion and the coordination of the sport of curling to provide fun, fellowship and family activities within the Fairbanks Community. 

Selecting the image to the left will download a curling video. It is a 30MB file requiring Quicktime player.

2015 International First Games
Thursday 7:00 PM Blake (W)Harmon (W)Shuttleworth (W)Snider (W) AveryBrigmanCarothersHinkeyKleiterMcPheeRichThies -full article-

The 80th International Bonspiel is April 2-5 Find out more and signup by clicking on the logo below -full article-

The November 2014 edition of the bear facts is out ! Click here for your copy ! -full article-

Let's Cook with Paul is now available for purchase... Informational Broch -full article-

We have added a new photo gallery to the website. We will be adding more photos as we go. Send anything you want to add, or caption changes to -full article-

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