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Sweeping Clinic

Individual Signup

When? 3/16/24, 2:00 PM until 3/16/24, 4:00 PM

Sweepers make good shots great! Effective sweeping comes down to brush head pressure, speed, and placement. We'll be doing video analysis, footwork drills, timing, and communication. Please bring a stopwatch if you have one.  Karen Spaleta is the instructor.

How Much? $20.00

Maximum Participants / Teams: 16

Teams Registered for Event

Teams: (0 of 16) Individuals: 4

Count Team ID Players
1 Team-779 Dena Smith
2 Team-780 Dena Smith
3 Team-819 Donovan Glade
4 Team-820 Shawana Glade

Currently Registered Participants

Teams: (0 of 16) Individuals: 4

Count Team ID Registered Person Email Phone
1 Team-779 Dena Smith 907-617-2494
2 Team-780 Dena Smith 907-617-2494
3 Team-819 Donovan Glade 907-460-9036
4 Team-820 Shawana Glade