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Name Price Day Time Start Date End Date Teams
Monday Competitive Doubles
The competitive mixed doubles is for our club's top mixed double players. Sign up as teams. Cash prizes are awarded at the end of the draw to the top teams.
$25.00 Monday 6:00 PM 10/9/23 12/18/23 18/14
Monday Fun League
Monday fun league is good for beginners and for those that are willing and able to help beginners. Sign up as a team or individually. Teams of three willing to take on another curler are most welcome. Top three teams get prizes at the end of the draw.
$0.00 Monday 8:00 PM 10/9/23 12/18/23 8/14
Tuesday Competitive League
The top teams of the Fairbanks Curling Club play against each other on Tuesday night. Feel free to dip your toes in the water of competitive curling and see where you stack up. Sign up as teams. Cash payouts to the teams after the last week playoffs.
$25.00 Tuesday 6:00 PM 10/10/23 12/19/23 14/14
Wednesday Dinner League
13 team limit, one with cooking duty each week instead of playing. Prepare a meal for the other curlers and just be sure to have it ready to serve at 8PM. Generally complete teams sign up; individuals will be considered if space is available.
$110.00 Wednesday 5:45 PM 10/11/23 12/20/23 13/13
Thursday Big Fun League
Thursday has become a popular fun league night. This is one BIG league for all skill levels and is a good place to start curling. Starting times will alternate weekly. Sign up as teams or individually. 24 teams would be amazing! Top teams will get prizes at the end of the draw.
$0.00 Thursday 6:00 PM 10/5/23 12/21/23 16/24
Friday Intermediate League
The early draw generally has teams with experienced players. Some new players are mixed into the teams. The early time on Friday will have some good teams and others still working on the basics. This league will attempt to follow many of the traditions.
$0.00 Friday 5:30 PM 10/6/23 12/22/23 16/14
Friday Casual League
The late start league is much more casual. Turn on the music, stack your brooms, let your hair down on a Friday night at the curling club. This is the league for regular 4 person curling. There is another league for Casual Doubles Curling. Half the sheets will be used for 4-person curling play, the other half for doubles play. Sign up as a team or as an individual.
$0.00 Friday 7:30 PM 10/6/23 12/22/23 8/14
Friday Casual Doubles
**Update** League canceled due to lack of participation. Enjoy the doubles format on Fridays in a very casual setting.
$0.00 Friday 7:30 PM 10/6/23 12/22/23 0/12