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About the US Center for SafeSport

As a member National Governing Body of the United States Olympic Committee, USA Curling is required to adhere to the SafeSport rules and regulations of the USOC. This includes complying with policies and procedures of the  US Center for SafeSport, which opened its doors in March 2017. The focus of the Center is to provide services in two areas – the administration of SafeSport Training and to act as an independent party to investigate and resolve allegations of sexual misconduct against any person within the jurisdiction of the national governing bodies, including USA Curling.

US Center for SafeSport

USA Curling SafeSport

USA Curling is committed to encouraging participation, the pursuit of excellence, and providing the best competitive experience for curlers at all levels of the sport. In order to create a safe and positive environment in which curlers can excel, the USCA promotes good sportsmanship and encourages qualities of mutual respect, courtesy, and tolerance. Abuse or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. The USA Curling SafeSport program has been developed to raise awareness about misconduct in sport and institute prevention and response measures.

Resources for Parents

All parents of youth athletes are encouraged to take the free online SafeSport training for parents created by the U.S. Center for SafeSport. This course explains issues of misconduct in sport and helps parents ensure their children have a positive and safe sport experience. 

Disciplinary Records Search

USA Curling Clubs are encouraged to do a search in the U.S. Center for Safe Sport’s Disciplinary Records Database for individuals who are hired or volunteer to work with youth athletes.

In addition to conducting background checks on all individuals who are hired to work at local curling organizations and those who volunteer to work with children, clubs are encouraged to do a search in the U.S. Center for Safe Sport’s Disciplinary Records Database. Searches will provide clubs with information on people who have been recently banned or suspended from USA Curling and/or other Olympic sports. Please check with the Center directly to confirm whether an individual is the same as the person in the search, especially the name is common.