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Fairbanks Curling Club Safe Sport Policy

Consistent with the United States Curling Association (USCA), the Fairbanks Curling Club is committed to encouraging participation, the pursuit of excellence, and providing the best competitive experiences for curlers at all levels of the sport.  In order to create a safe and positive environment in which curlers can excel, the USCA promotes good sportsmanship and encourages qualities of mutual respect, courtesy, and tolerance.

 In particular, the Fairbanks Curling Club is dedicated to ensuring that youth athletes are provided protection from sexual, verbal, or physical abuse and that they will have opportunities to participate in curling in a safe and positive environment. The following policies are meant to take effect immediately.

Section A.

The following individuals are required to take the training:

  • Board Members
  • Club Manager
  • Youth Program Coordinator
  • Youth Program Coaches and instructors
  • Junior Program Coaches and instructors
  • Any adult that coordinates youth curling activities, youth leagues, youth spiels, and transportation

Section B.

Any adult required to take the training will:

  • Complete and pass all sections of the required training (annually)
  • Submit proof of successful completion to the Club Manager.
  • Complete background via the NCSI System. The costs of background checks will be paid by the Club.
  • These will be completed prior to the adult having regular contact with youth curlers.

Section C.

  • All open Learn to Curl events will have at least one SafeSport compliant member at the event if it is known that minor(s) are participating.
  • All persons coaching, training, and having regular contact with minors must be SafeSport compliant.
  • Corporate/Private Event organizers will ascertain if minors will be present without parent or guardian present, and if so, a SafeSport complaint member will be at the event.

Section D.


The person(s) responsible for maintaining any/all club websites will build a SafeSport Compliance web page which will contain, as a minimum:

  • The Fairbanks Curling Club SafeSport Policy Statement
  • The link to the USCA SafeSport web page
  • A copy or link to the USCA SafeSport handbook
  • A copy of the USCA Online SafeSport Training Access Instructions and access code
  • The link to the U.S. Center for SafeSport web page.

Section E.

One-on-One Interactions

All one-on-one interactions must be observable and interruptible: 

  • One-on-one interactions between a minor athlete and an Applicable Adult (who is not the minor’s legal guardian) at a facility partially or fully under USA Curling’s jurisdiction or the jurisdiction of a member organization if they occur at an observable and interruptible distance from another adult.

Additionally, meetings must comply with the following:

  • Meetings between Applicable Adults and minor athletes at a facility partially or fully under USA Curling’s jurisdiction or the jurisdiction of a member organization may only occur if another adult is present, except under emergency circumstances.
  • Such meetings must occur where interactions can be easily observed and at an interruptible distance from another adult.
  • If a one-on-one meeting takes place in an office at a facility partially or fully under USA Curling’s jurisdiction or the jurisdiction of a USCA member organization, the door to the office must remain unlocked and open. If available, it will occur in an office that has windows, with the windows, blinds, and/or curtains remaining open during the meeting.

Section F.

Massages and Rubdowns/Athletic Training Modalities

This aspect of the policy shall apply to all adult members of organizations that are members of the USCA.

  • Guidelines regarding massages and rubdowns/athletic training modalities:
    • Any massage or rubdown/athletic training modality performed at a facility, training, or competition venue must be conducted in an open and interruptible location.
    • Any massage of a minor athlete must be done with at least one other adult present and must never be done with only the minor athlete and the person performing the massage or rubdown/athletic training modality in the room.

Section G.

Locker Rooms and Changing Areas

If USA Curling uses a facility not fully under the organization’s jurisdiction (for, e.g., training or competition or similar events) and the facility is used by multiple constituents, Applicable Adults listed above are nonetheless required to adhere to the rules set forth below.

User of recording devices:

  • Use of any device’s (including a cell phone’s) recording capabilities, including voice recording, still cameras and video cameras in locker rooms, changing areas, or similar spaces at a facility under USA Curling’s jurisdiction or the jurisdiction of a USCA member organization is prohibited.
    • Exceptions may be made for media and championship celebrations, provided that such exceptions are approved by USA Curling or a USCA member organization and two or more Applicable Adults are present.


  • Under no circumstances shall an unrelated Applicable Adult at a facility under USA Curling’s jurisdiction/partial jurisdiction or the jurisdiction of a USCA member organization intentionally expose his or her breasts, buttocks, groin, or genitals to a minor athlete.

Section H.

Electronic Communication and Social Media

Communication content:

  • All electronic communication originating from Applicable Adults to minor athletes must be professional in nature.

Requests to discontinue:

  • Legal guardians may request in writing that their minor athlete not be contacted directly through any form of electronic communication by the organization or by the Applicable Adults subject to this policy.
  • Applicable Adults, USA Curling, and USCA member organizations will abide by any such request that their minor athlete not be contacted via electronic communication, absent emergency circumstances.

Section I.

Team Travel

Hotel Rooms:

  • Applicable Adults shall not share a hotel room or other sleeping arrangement with a minor athlete (unless the Applicable Adult is the legal guardian, sibling, or is otherwise related to the minor athlete).
    • However, a parent/legal guardian may consent to such an arrangement in advance and in writing
  • Furthermore, a parent/legal guardian may consent in advance and in writing to the


  • Meetings shall be conducted consistent with the organization’s policy for one-on-one interactions (i.e., any such meeting shall be observable and interruptible).

Section J.

Appropriate Physical Contact

In order to be both safe and appropriate, all physical contact with athletes—whether it is for safety, celebration, or consolation—should meet the following criteria:  

  • the physical contact takes place in public;
  • there is no potential for, or actual, physical or sexual intimacies during the physical contact; and
  • the physical contact is not initiated to meet an emotional or other need of an adult

Section K.


The Club reminds all participating adults that one of the effects of the SafeSport Acts is that they are MANDATED REPORTERS.  Any allegation of an incident of child abuse, including but not limited to sexual abuse, must be reported within 24 hours to both SafeSport and relevant law enforcements.  For oversight awareness, the Board requests that they also be notified of this action.